• Eco VS-HP


Main Application:

  • Oily emulsions, wastewater from vibratory-finishing,exhausted washings.
  • Wastewater from galvanization  (Chromium,nickel,copper) exhauteds bath, eluates.
  • Wastewater from pressure die-casting (release agents, glycols, lubricant oils)
  • Recycling of Exhausted baths
  • Treatment of high foamy wastewaters
  • Treatment of all water-based solutions.

Main Charateristic:

  • Power supply by heat pump
  • Thoroidal immersed heat exchanger
  • Incorporated superior section of condensation.
  • Automatic charge of product, discharge of the distillate and concentrate.
  • Check by PLC Siemens S7-200 with TP 170B keyboard.
  • Pull-out heat exchanger
  • Main frame and condensation area Aisi 316 made
  • Special alloys on demand.

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