• Eco Dry

Eco Dry

Main Application

  • Recycling of quenching salts
  • Softening and recycling of water for blowing out and washing
  • Recycling of ultrasonic washings, pickles, washbasins
  • Concentration of extracts and fragrances
  • Fit to obtain dry and shovelling concentrates

Main Characteristic

  • Power supply by heat pump
  • Saddle heat exchanger
  • Front hatch for inspiration and extration of the concentrate
  • Double hatch for models from 500 litres/day
  • Automatic charge of product and discharge of distillate
  • Check by PLC Siemens S7-200 with OP7 keyboar
  • Main frame and condensation area Aisi 316 made
  • Special alloys on demand

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Eco Dry

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